Do you offer any guidance for first time parents?

Parenting can be quite daunting if you haven't experienced it before.  Little bundles of joy do not come with instruction manuals.  However, this is the age of the web, and as you would expect, there is plenty of help available.  Some good places to start are:
1. A guide for first time parents at
2. Colicy Children
3. For school going children, Alvin ISD offers an excellent collection of hotlinks that you might find useful.  Access the Alvin ISD page at:
4. For children with difficulties and developmental disorders

Do you take NCI?

Yes, the Village accepts NCI and many other sponsor programs

Where can I find more information about financial help?

1. Texas CHIP program:
Healthcare for our children is very important to us.  Texas participates in the CHIP program and also has a Children's Medcaid program.  Information for both the programs can be found at the Texas Chip Coalition site linked below.
Other useful link is the state's CHIPMedicaid site at
Both programs have income guidelines on eligibility.  The income guidelines can be found at this link:
2. Worksource Solutions
Work-in-Texas is the state agency that administers the NCCIC program in Texas.  NCCIC Stands for National Child Care Information and Technical Center and is commonly referred to as NCI by parents and providers.  Information for getting help for childcare can be found at:
The Village ELC accepts NCI children in its programs.  The funding provided by NCI is a function of the size of the family and the income of the family.  There are many other variables and conditions, but the Worksource is the best location to get information.