Our Approach

Our Philosophy

We are a part of the community, and our mission is to help build better citizens for tomorrow.  The Village Early Learning Center is a business with a heart.  We provide care with value in mind, not profit.

We support our children, our parent and our staff in ways that are not always visible.  The owners are professionals and provide expertise and help not just for childcare, but for healthcare, legal issues, education etc.  Many of our alums are now in college with successful careers.  Many of our staff have gone on to finish college degrees as well.

Our Story

Our Story

Our center has been serving Alvin community for over 50 years!!  The current owners have been running it for more than a decade, and decided to use this center as a new way of providing quality childcare services at low cost.  The center is also a hub for community and hosts girl scouts, and other activities as needed.  During emergencies, our staff has run food service from the kitchen to support families trapped by hurricane or floods.  We are with Alvin through thick and thin.